Many years experiance in the firewood industry

Our complete range of firewood products covers all wood types including everything from olive firewood, locally sourced hard woods that we season, kiln dried firewood logs, through to extremely dense, olive firewood logs.

What we do

Supply and deliver firewood and kindling anywhere in Sussex and surrounding areas

Whether you are a local person with an open fire or a business we supply to all

We offer free local delivery of both cubic meter bulk bags of seasoned logs

Deliever to you anywhere in Sussex and surrouding areas.

We supply a product that is reliable and consistent, our wood is in fully filled bulk bags

We also sell convenient smaller 'net' bags for those people with less space.

We get all our woods from strictly sustainable and local sources

Seasoning wood for firewood is vital for efficient burning.


Welcome to Frankies Firewood

Seasoned for over one year & delivered in a net bag. This excellent long burning firewood is ideal for those with open fires (or log burners too). A typical bag will contain - 80% solid Birch and Ash with 20% other mixed hardwoods (Ash, Cherry, Hawthorn etc). Our logs are supplied from Alfriston Camping Park, Click Here to see our sister site

We are available for 24/7 for you requirements

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